“Celebrating the Universe”

Published October 19, 2015 by Ms.Turtle

I just started another book – “Celebrating the Universe” by James Mullaney. Have you ever read something that is so inspirational in just first few pages. This is a book like that. J.Mullaney walks me slowly into a deep appreciation of our majestic universe. Each page opens my eyes to the space outside of my current comprehension. I can’t say I have learned a lot, yet it is absolutely true to say I am opening my heart and my mind, gradually. Plus, this book gives me another bucket list, as he mentions dozen “must-seeing” celestial showpieces – so, I made it mine as well.

Look up! And you realize how small you are, how such massive universe is, and start thinking why we are busy fighting with each other over a piece of landmass, or few centimeter of borderline. We are all the same, tiny pieces of stardust in this magnificent universe. We are separating each other by race, gender, background, language, all sorts of man-made definition. Why not looking inside our bodies, and respecting how much we share. Universe began with a big bang. And we are pieces of that first tiny subatomic pea after nuclear explosion. We share the same elements as the core of trillions of stars shining in the sky, calcium in our bone and irons in our blood. How awesome it is, isn’t it? Our life is short, comparing to billions of years of ever-changing universe. Why don’t we spend more time to love each other, to celebrate our common, and to gaze up to where we all came from. Look! Those are beautiful shining stars, which are just the same as we are, aren’t they? Those are gorgeous Milky Way, and incredible planets. How impressive!

Do you feel that you are getting old? No, we are not. We are children of the universe. We are perpetually young, and small. I slowly learn to stop constraining myself in timeline of human beings, but putting me in the growth of universe. I love to feel like a baby, compare to our billions-year-old universe. All we have to do is looking up, and feeling a flow of youth submerge ourselves. Remember, we are never getting old, we are young and small, and free to spend every night gazing stars and imagining about some other lives out there. Just put ourselves in massive universe, we will be able to travel back in time, and enjoy our childhood dreams again and again and again …

I am still reading the book, not chapter by chapter, but opening to any random chapter and indulge in Mullaney’s spiritual, yet scientific description of universe. The book is beautiful.


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